46 & Feeling Fabulous 

A quick first ever blog post – today I’m the Birthday Girl – I hate birthday celebrations, not because of my age – I’m just not excited by something that happened out of necessity for continuing the human race. Today at 46 after 6 years (this exact weekend on my 40th birthday in Vegas was the first time out of the blue ( I thought) I couldn’t walk) I’m rejoining the world outside my self imposed home arrest. My Saint of a husband decided to take me back to the scene of the crime, so I’m here in Vegas celebrating “my day” & so far it’s a great one -well except for him leaving my stack of clothes at home – here’s to becoming a happy handicap Cheers – yes first ever post was written in a Vegas bar with a double screwdriver (thank you Lori for the top shelf tip) sitting in front of me – Good Lord a kid just tried to pick me up I’m dying laughing. I’m back! I’m embracing my crazy OCD overthetop sassy bitchy blunt self & going back to living life to the fullest because here in BrandiLand crazy is A-ok. Xoxo